Why Companies are Training in Meeting Management

After studies have revealed that ineffective meetings are one of the major causes of wastages, companies are drastically reducing their cost through meeting management. Meetings if planned skilfully result in the maximum utilisation of resources. Meeting management, therefore, needs to be conducted with much care and expertise with the aim to fulfill the objectives of the organisation.

Gaining Skills in Meeting Management

The set of skills a participant learns during training in meeting management includes:

  • How to plan and prepare for a meeting

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  • How to set up a meeting space
  • Choosing electronic options
  • Meeting roles and responsibilities
  • How to chair a meeting
  • Successfully dealing with disruptions
  • How to take minutes
  • Methods to make a meeting exciting

After gaining knowledge and practice in meeting management, a manager can create the perfect atmosphere in a meeting for the involvement of all the participants to reach planning outcomes.

Duties for Successful Meeting Management

A meeting manager must identify problems and resolve them before the meeting. A dynamic atmosphere in a meeting can only be created through:

  • Proper assignment for the meeting roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding each participant’s attitude and goals
  • Defining the meeting agendas
  • Choosing the place and time of a meeting according to attendees, agendas and outcomes
  • Making the meeting environment relaxed and fun

A successful meeting is one that helps the participants reach an understanding of the goals of the company and their responsibilities. Successful meetings help in:

  • Building cooperation among employees

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  • Clarifying individual and company goals
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Generating ideas
  • Planning, exploring, redesigning and reinventing goals

Organisations that conduct successful meetings at the right time see drastic improvement in the performance of employees and processes. It creates an encouraging environment for the meeting of deadlines. Organisations can cost costs drastically and improve their work environment by having trained meeting managers plan and conduct meetings. Meeting management is a tool to build an efficient workforce and create a dynamic working environment to reach pre-determined goals of an organisation.

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