Achieve Mastery over MS Excel 2010 with Advanced Training

MS Excel 2010 is used by organisations to analyse, manage and share information in various ways. It is used for finding important data trends so that right decisions can be made easily. Mastering Excel 2010 helps in easy sharing, analysis of important data, accessibility and decision making.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Training Course from pd training
Develop skills in MS Advanced Excel 2010

Advanced training in MS Excel 2010 involves the understanding and application of advanced tools of Excel 2010.

Topics Covered in an Advanced MS Excel 2010 Course

In an advanced course on Excel 2010, participants improve their skills in:

  • Logical and statistical functions
  • Financial and date functions
  • Lookups and data tables
  • Advanced data management
  • Exporting and importing
  • Analytical tools
  • Macros and customer functions

These are broad categories which include both advanced and basic functions of Excel 2010. An advanced course includes lookup functions such as VLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX along with data validation and database functions such as DSUM.

Professional training course in MS Excel 2010 teaches the analytical features of Excel such as Goal Seek and Solver, SmartArt graphics, running and recording macros, conditional formatting with graphics, and how to query external databases.

Skills Developed after Completing Advanced Training in Excel 2010

After completing the advanced course in Excel 2010, a participant will have achieved skills in:

  • Logical functions
  • Math and statistical functions
  • PMT functions
  • Data functions
  • Calculation of time
  • Creation of array formulas
  • Validation of data
  • Import & export of text files and XML data
  • Using Analysis ToolPak, Goal Seek & Solver
  • Editing VBA modules
  • Creation of scenarios and custom functions
  • Running and recording of macros

Mastering MS Excel 2010 provides greater efficiency and flexibility in accomplishing goals. It is a tool that provides accessibility to data from multiple devices including smartphones. It is used by organisations worldwide to save time, increase productivity and simplify work.


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