Top 10 Skills in Time Management for the Modern Individual – Singapore

On an average, office employees waste 40% of their time in office, says the Wall Street Journal,[i] and it costs companies over $100 billion a year.[ii] Though time wasting is not done purposely and is often the result of poor management, an employee can keep up their professional growth in any kind of work environment. Using time management techniques, you can speed up your professional success and get more done without stress or burnout. Take a quick look at these top 10 skills for time management for coping with the demands of the modern lifestyle.


1 Manage Your Time  Use time management techniques such as prioritising, scheduling, routines, to-do lists, goal setting and technology
2 Get More Productive  Combine time management with productivity enhancement methods to get more done in a day
3 Organise Use practical ways to organise your physical and electronic workspace, and develop habits for easy organising
4 Delegate Know when and to whom to delegate tasks and responsibilities
5 Use Creativity Train yourself to think creatively by removing mental blocks and altering restricting habits
6 Make Use of Technology  Use tools such as MS Outlook for managing your emails, tasks and requests
7 Manage Your Virtual Employees/Coworkers  Save time when working in a virtual team by setting goals, creating personal rules, and using tools for easy collaboration and sharing
8 Think Critically   Develop critical thinking to find solutions and make the right decisions
9 Manage Stress  Adopt techniques to reduce stress, alter stressful situations and cope with challenges
10 Work-Life Balance  Create space for work, life and yourself for a fulfilling personal and professional life






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