Top 10 Skills for Building Winning Teams – Singapore

Harvard psychologist Richard Hackman, a preeminent scholar of team effectiveness believes that a team’s design is the most vital factor in building winning teams. “Get the design right, the theory says, and the performance will take care of itself.”[i] To have a good design, you need “clear goals, well-designed tasks that are conducive to teamwork, team members with the right skills and experiences for the task, adequate resources, and access to coaching and support.”[i]


The results of getting an efficient team together are better performance, high morale and professional development of all. For an employee, “working effectively as part of a team is incredibly important for output quality, morale, and retention.”[ii] To become a highly valuable part of a team, take a look at these top 10 skills for creating team synergy:


1 Build a Team Select the team type and build teams using the steps of forming, storming, norming and performing
2 Create Team Synergy Develop collaboration and cooperation in a team
3 Team Communication Establish team norms, build trust and put communication channels in place
4 Leadership Identify your style, communicate with confidence and inspire others to act
5 Listen Actively Learn focused listening and asking questions to control and manage conversations
6 Resolve Conflicts Know how to find mutual requirements, identify needs and reach the best solution
7 Manage Meetings Learn how to plan and prepare for meetings to get productive outcomes
8 Deal with Difficult People Prevent issues from escalating, manage difficult situations and use the 3-step resolution process
9 Deliver Criticism Use the feedback sandwich method to offer criticism constructively
10 Manage Diversity in Teams Understand stereotypes, create an inclusive environment and put a system in place for diversity complaints








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