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In order to be an effective leader, you must always be conscious of how you communicate with others and should never stop learning new ways to improve. If you really want to change, consider joining the Communication Skills Training Course by PD Training Singapore.

Who Are You? Who Are You Communicating With?

You need to be able to identify your personality, your traits and your preferences before you can stand in front of someone and communicate with them. Just like you need to know yourself, you also need to know what the other person is like. This will give you an idea on how you can tailor your approach to suit them. It should also help you to recognise what type of message you are sending.

Learn To Listen ActivelyTips To Improve Your Communication Skills – Singapore

Hearing is very different from listening. When you only hear, you do not fully comprehend what is being said. Active listening, on the other hand, is a communication technique that is used in counselling, training and conflict resolution. It requires the listener to respond to what they hear, by way of re-stating or paraphrasing what they have heard in their own words. This confirms what the listener has heard and confirms that both parties have understood.

Through active listening, you will be able to understand the conversation and will be able to effectively offer a response that suits the conversation.

Break Down Communication Barriers

As small as the world is, there are still barriers around us that prevent effective communication. What we need to do is to break down these barriers. But before we can do that, we need to identify these barriers. The most common barriers are language and cultural differences, as well as time and place differences.

Language barriers are always very difficult to overcome. Although almost everyone agrees that English is the most common language to use when communicating, not everyone is fluent in English. To overcome this barrier, you have to be patient with the other person. You should also be a more active listener to avoid confusion.

Cultural barriers also present a tough situation. You can overcome this by learning about different cultures, being open-minded and respecting others. There is always a way for everyone to meet halfway.

Time and place differences should not pose a big problem if everyone is on the same page. Do respect the person from a different time zone who may be staying up late for you. Never be late for meetings, as you may not like it if it were you on the shorter end of the stick.

These are just some of the things that you should learn if you want to be a better communicator. To learn more, check out PD Training Singapore.

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