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It is not simply by believing that will cause people to follow, but by standing up for what you believe in that will convince them.

There are times when we have something that we believe can do wonders for the company or could be a big hit with the customers. We would obviously want to relay what we have to the person who could best help us realise what we have. Unfortunately, not all of them may see it the way we do and we would end up shutting up and letting them convince us that our idea is no good. This scenario often happens because we are not assertive enough to stand up for what we believe in or because we are not trained on how to get people to accept what we have. If you’re really keen on learning how to become a more assertive person, consider joining the Assertiveness and Self-Confidence training course from PD Training in Singapore.

To be assertive, you will be taught to be confident, to be a good communicator and most of all, you will learn about the thin line that separates an assertive person from an arrogant one. The last thing you want to do is find an enemy. What you need are people who shaStand Up for What You Believe in by Being Assertive – Singaporere your vision. To be able to do that, you need to have them believing in you through your assertiveness.


Confidence plays a big part in being assertive. Learning how to feel the part, look the part and sound the part will transform you into a confident person. Confidence starts from within you. Only you can change yourself and when you start feeling the part, it becomes you.

Looking the part means you have to look presentable. Nobody is going to believe you can make them rich if you look poor yourself. By looking believable, people will be more easily convinced.

Of course, sounding the part also plays a major role when trying to be convincing. Confident people sound confident while those who are not might not sound as strong as they should. Some even just shut up.

Good Communicator

To be assertive, one needs to also be a good communicator. To be a good communicator, one obviously needs to be able to speak confidently. But to speak confidently is only half of what one needs to be an effective communicator. To be effective, one also needs to be a good listener. Note that “listener” is used. Hearing should never be confused with listening as they are truly miles apart and only through listening does one really understand.

Assertive or Arrogant

Some people who are not trained in assertiveness sometimes end up in a bad light. They think that they are asserting themselves but in fact, they are being arrogant and will probably be hated at some point. You see, there is a very thin line between arrogance and assertiveness. It’s always important to be careful because first impressions last and it may take a while for people to change their perspective of you. The bottom line is, you will really become better if you join the training course from PD Training in Singapore.

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