Signature Series Course – Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course Singapore

One of PD Training’s (PDT) most popular professional development courses in Singapore is our Assertiveness and Self Confidence Course. It is a part of our newly redeveloped Signature Series, that aims to provide every participant with the skills and confidence to handle confronting situations in both their professional and personal lives.

PDT started nearly a decade ago, with a mission to provide innovative, personalised training that achieves real results. It became exceedingly apparent that to meet these goals well into the future, we would need to have access to content that could be easily tailored, but also utilises the latest professional development strategies, tools and research. So, in 2017/18 we re-invented 21 of our most popular courses!

This course redesign included a strong focus on the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) personality profiling tools, intense collaboration with our industry leading trainers and widespread feedback from our previous participants. The newly redesigned Assertiveness and Self Confidence Course provides participants with tailored, personalised and effective training, tools and techniques.

The LDP personality profiling tool allows our experienced and certified training professionals to deliver high-quality training that helps each student to achieve their own personal learning and development goals. Knowing the various personality types who are present in the classroom before the course begins, gives our trainers time to modify, adjust and better align the course content and courseware with the specific students and their personalities. We found that by adding this extra, crucial step into our learning framework, PD Training could provide more effective training and leave our participants with a positive overall experience.

Key Skills Taught in This Course Include:

  • Projecting Self-Confidence
  • Building on your Strengths
  • The cultural dimension of assertiveness
  • Ways of Saying No
  • Creating an Action Plan

One of the professional development industry’s greatest challenges is providing clients with return on investment (ROI) figures. By using the LDP personality tools, and our array of bespoke IT support systems, PDT has removed this obstacle from our learning framework. By solving this industry-wide problem, PDT can provide unique, focused and innovative training to all participants while allowing managers to set and measure the effects of the training.

As we have cultured a relentless focus on innovation and continuous improvement in all parts of our learning framework, we felt it was time to break out of the current status quo and train people the way we’ve always wanted to. The added benefit of having unique courseware designed and tested by our own training team, is the reduced likelihood of participants being previously exposed to similar content. PDT knows that there is nothing worse from a participant’s perspective than having to “learn” content they have already been exposed to.

PDT has made it our mission with this course to help each participant become more self-confident and assertive and with our new, innovative training course that goal can be achieved on an individual level.

The Assertiveness and Self Confidence Course is part of our new Signature Series that is designed to provide the best adult learning and development experiences available in Singapore.

For more information or to book an Assertiveness and Self Confidence Course, follow the link below:

To speak to one of our friendly consultants call us on: 3158 3955

We look forward to helping improve your assertiveness and self-confidence soon!

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