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By learning and recognising assertive behaviour and communication, you can actually reduce your stress and anger levels as well as improve your handling skills.

Assertiveness is an important core communication skill that helps you express yourself effectively as well as stand up for your beliefs and opinions while still respecting the rights and beliefs of others. It can also boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Being respected can really help reduce your stress because you start to feel good about everything. This is a skill that some people have naturally but if you don’t have it, don’t worry. You can join the Assertiveness and Self-confidence Training Course of PD Training in Singapore.Reduce Stress by Being Assertive – Singapore

It Makes Sense

Being assertive is based on mutual respect, which makes it an effective and diplomatic communication style. When you’re assertive, it shows how much you care about yourself because you’re willing to stand up for your beliefs and you always express your thoughts and feelings. It also shows how you’re aware of the rights of other people and that you really are willing to work on resolving conflicts.

Keep in mind that it’s not just about what you say but how you say and deliver your message. You’ll never be able to deliver your message successfully if you communicate in a passive or assertive manner, and you will only be successful if you’re assertive.

Assertive Versus Passive

People with passive behaviour are seen as shy or easy to take advantage of. Saying things such as, “I’ll just go with whatever the group decides” can be a routine line for you. You also avoid conflict regularly. Why do you think this is that a problem? When you have a passive behaviour, you are sending the wrong message to other people. You’re letting them know that your thoughts and feelings aren’t as important as those of other people. In a nutshell, when you’re too passive, you allow others to neglect your wants and needs.

An example of this is saying yes when a colleague asks you to take over a project even though when you have a full load of work.  The additional work you took in means you’ll have to work overtime and lose some of your important personal time. You might think you’re keeping the peace but on the contrary, always saying yes can destroy your relationships. Worse, it may even create trouble with your family because their needs now always come second to others. This can lead to more stress, resentment, anger, feelings of vengeance and feelings of being victimised.

Assertive Versus Aggressive

On the other hand, if your behaviour is aggressive, people might look at you as a bully who ignores the needs, feelings and opinions of others. You might also appear as self-righteous. Aggressive people tend to humiliate and intimidate others to the point that some may even threaten or abuse physically. Most people think that being aggressive is the way to get what you want. Well, it might get the job done but it does come at a price and it may eventually lead to other people resent you, avoid you and even oppose you.

Clearly, being assertive is the right way to be and it would help you a lot if you practise this skill. If you feel that you need more guidance on how to be assertive, do consider getting in touch with PD Training in Singapore.

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