Personal Productivity: Get More Work Done Without Working Harder

To achieve the goals you have set for yourself, you do not need to work harder, just work smarter. From laying out goals to actually working on them, for each step of achieving what you want, you need to use the most effective strategies. Here are some ways using which you can convert work to smart work and get the results you want, when you want them.

1.      Setting Goals: Go into ParticularsPersonal Productivity: Get More Work Done Without Working Harder

When you are setting goals, you must progress from vagueness to particulars. For example, your goal is to get a promotion within a year. If you keep it at that, then you will not know exactly what you must do so that the management will consider giving you a promotion.

Dive deeper into what tasks you must perform in your everyday work to improve your performance and personality. How can you use your strengths to work better? Would you require training in communication because it is not your strength? Create a plan that you can implement in your daily work. After planning, the work you do every day, and how you do it, will get you closer to your goal.

2.      After Planning, Become Proactive

After you have created a plan of how you will reach your goal, begin working on it right away. One of the dangers with planning is that we get stuck in it and postpone actually working on what we have planned. To motivate yourself to act on your plan, watch a motivational video or read a motivational quote the first thing in the morning. If you are still not proactively working on your plan, read, watch or listen to something that motivates you to work, even if it is for ten minutes every day.

3.      Scheduling and Routine

After a week of working proactively on your plan, you will find that you have fallen into a routine. Mark your progress so that you are motivated to work further and achieve your goal. In case you do not like routines, you should only follow one until you have accomplished your goal. You can break the particular routine that you are following after that.

4.       Beat Down Distractions with a Club

Distractions are stubborn, and that is why you need to go after them with a club. Distractions are a convenient way to get some instant gratification while completing larger goals requires sacrificing present pleasures for future gains. To disallow distractions from delaying your work, you need to aggressively beat down distractions. Challenge yourself not to go to social networking sites until you have completed today’s goals. Reward yourself if you succeed.

5.      Train Yourself Every Day

To have the satisfaction of achieving your goals, you need to train yourself every day so that you increase your personal productivity. You can, in the same number of hours, achieve much greater results if you train yourself to be focused, motivated and sincere. Use techniques that work for you, and most of all, enjoy what you are doing.


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