PD Training Signature Series – Sales Training Course

As a professional development training company, PD Training (PDT) focuses on continual improvement as part of our internal culture.  So, in 2017/18, we selected our 20 most popular courses and re-developed the entire program to ensure we train our participants in the most efficient and effective way possible; branded the Signature Series.

Using a professional instructional designer, our internal team of trainers and feedback from clients, we set out to create course content that utilises time-tested techniques in association with the latest in online tools and resources.

Our professional sales training course is a key element of this collection of courses and teaches participants the skills and techniques required to be a part of a successful sales team.

Key skills taught in the course include:

  • Your Personal Sales Profile
  • Successful Prospecting
  • Building Rapport
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Closing techniques
  • Seeking On-Going Referrals

The Sales Training Course has been developed to include the Leading Dimensions Profiling (LDP) tools and reports, to ensure the program has a positive impact on our participants. By utilising this powerful Profiling Tool, our experienced trainers can tailor and adapt any of our courses to better meet the needs of the participants.

This new framework allows our LDP certified trainers to assess the personalities that are present before stepping into the room. We have found in the 8 years of operation, that the more we can match our courses with the students, the more effective the training is. By building on this experience, we are continuing to meet our goals of innovation and providing the most personalised development training possible.  And via the sale team personality report, we can have a real impact on the specific requirements for each participant to become a better sales person.

To show a real return on investment, our Training management Centre (TMC) allows clients to input current staff KPI’s, which can be measured against KPI’s post-training, so we can measure the effects of the training to provide real ROI.  By developing our training courses to an established learning framework, we can accurately and efficiently provide clients with the short-term ROI figures as well as the longer-term outcomes that stem from their professional development investment.

PDT has established ourselves as a leader in the professional development field, and have made it our mission the help each participant fully develop their sales skills and with our new, innovative training course, so even the most ambitious sales people can reach their personal and professional goals.

The Sales Training Course is part of our, re-developed Signature Series that is aimed at providing the best adult learning experience available.

For more information or to book a Sales Training Course follow the link: https://pdtraining.com.sg/courses/sales-training

Or speak to one of our friendly consultants call us on: 3158 3955

We look forward to helping improve your Sales skills!

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