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Being assertive has many advantages and can change the life of the person who knows how, especially in the way they communicate.

Most people think that communication is just the exchange of words. That is true. But if it is also lacking in effectiveness, then you probably won’t be heard or understood. This may be because you lack the skills in being assertive. If you’re serious about improving your assertiveness and self-confidence, consider joining the assertiveness and self confidence training course by PDtraining in Singapore.

So what are the different ways we can learn to communicate better?

Listening and Hearing: They aren’t the sameCommunicate Better by Being Assertive – Singapore

We’ve always considered listening and hearing as the same and, at first, they do seem like it. But a better understanding of both shows us that they are, in fact, very different from one other. This is a big factor in why we usually don’t understand what the other person wants to tell us.

The core difference between hearing and listening is that with listening you’re not only hearing what the person is saying but you are also understanding. You are taking note of what is being said to you. So when you’re only hearing, there is a big chance that you’ll miss important details and from there, problems may arise.

The best way to compliment listening is by taking notes of the important points in the conversation.

Asking Questions

A lot of people like to keep their questions to themselves and because of that, a lot of confusion happens. This is not very helpful especially in meetings. Don’t pretend to know when you don’t because in the end, it will all come back to you. These questions will help you to perform better and by keeping it to yourself, you jeopardise your own career. Just speak up and people will respect you more for asking questions than trying to know it all. Besides, nobody is perfect so why try to be? Just be the best you can be.

Body Language

You may not be saying anything but your body says otherwise. By just your body language, people will already get an idea of what you want to say or what you mean. Using body language can help you express what you want to say and is a very powerful skill to have. Some of these may be subtle while some may be more obvious.

By using these communication skills, your goal to become assertive and self-confident will surely get a boost. By being empowered, you will surely be heard and appreciated more than ever before thereby making you feel much better about yourself. With the help of the assertiveness and self-confidence training course from PDtraining Singapore, you will certainly reach your goals.

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